United Centauri Republic

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The United Centauri Republic

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Political information
Type of Government
  • Parliamentary Democracy
  • Constitutional Monarchy

Constitution of The Alpha Centauri Colonies

Head of Government

Prime Minister Lauren Thompson

Executive Branch

Office of the Prime Minister

Legislative Branch

Parliament of Alpha Centauri

  • Upper House: Senate
  • Lower House: House of Commons
Societal information
Official Language



Centauri Credit


Ad Astra Per Aspera



Historical information
Formed from

LoNSymbol.png League of Nations

Date of establishment

2041 - Establishment of the Alpha Centauri Colony

Date of reorganization
  • 2061 - Establishment of the United Centauri Protectorates
  • 2123 - Declaration of the United Centauri Republic

The United Centauri Republic is a federal parliamentary democracy consisting of 14 provinces and 9 territories spread across 3 planets and 12 moons in the Alpha Centauri System.

The Alpha Centauri system was the site of Earth’s first extra-solar colonies and between 2041 and 2051 over 200,000 colonists departed for the system. After a series of crises and waning interest in the political partnership behind the colony’s development, the Alpha Centauri system was granted near total independence. Full sovereignty was attained in 2123 when the Alpha Centauri Resolution severed the last remaining ties to the United Kingdom, United States and French Republic, the last remaining sponsors of the colony.

As a result of large-scale immigration from many countries, first during the founding of the colony and later during the Sanctuary Worlds Program, the United Centauri Republic is the Orion Arm’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. With over 1.2 billion citizens it is also the Orion Arm’s most populous nation outside of the major superpowers and the Islamic Arab Republic. Its economy is one of the largest in the Orion Arm, relying chiefly on its well-developed interstellar trade networks and strategic location within the Solar Sector.


See Alpha Centauri Colony Venture

Interest in the colonization and development of Alpha Centauri began in the late 1950s as the exodus of Earth was first being planned. As the nearest star system to Earth it was the most obvious location for mankind’s first interstellar colony and was the focus of much observation and discussion throughout the late 20th century. The discovery of a habitable planet in 1998 cemented its place in interstellar policy and the Alpha Centauri Colonial Venture, an international effort dedicated to the colonization of the system was founded later that year.

The development of FTL technology in 2024 brought the system within reach and after nearly two decades of spacecraft development and terraforming operations, the first thousand colonists arrived within the system on March 14th, 2041. After landing on Terra, the system's largest habitable planet, the success of the colony was almost immediate and number of colonists living on the planet grew rapidly. The primitive nature of Alpha Centauri’s native plant and animal life made it especially susceptible to crops and livestock from Earth without the need for pesticides or other measures.

While the colony prospered, the political alliance responsible for its management began to fracture. The falling costs of interstellar flight and colonization resulted in the establishment of dozens of colonies throughout the Orion Arm and interested in the Alpha Centauri project began to fade. When funding was requested to develop a new network of power facilities across Alpha Centauri and expand Centauri station, the Greater German Reich and Soviet Union formally withdrew from the Alpha Centauri Colonial Venture, opting instead to focus solely on their own colonies. Thousands of Soviet and German colonists departed Alpha Centauri with only a very small minority opting to stay.

The Democratic Federation also began to divert resources to its newer colonies in the Chicago Cluster and the Sea of Clouds, leaving many of its projects on Alpha Centauri to languish. After a series of protests, members of the Centauri parliament met in the Henderson Bay settlement and with the support of the Democratic Federation declared their independence. While tens of thousands of colonists would return home to their respective counties on Earth or the colonies, over 60% of the population elected to stay, relinquishing their former citizenship and instead becoming the first citizens of the United Centauri Protectorates. While the United States and United Kingdom would retain ownership over certain installations, including Centauri station, for a period of 100 years, as well as control of Alpha Centauri’s military and diplomatic institutions, the colony was for all intents and purposes, independent.

As a natural transport hub between Earth and the outer colonies, Alpha Centauri grew and prospered in the ensuing decades. As one of the most developed independent colonies, it also attracted a large number of refugees from the Nations Within Nations Program. Throughout the 2110s and 2120s, Alpha Centauri was the largest single settlement outside of Earth, reaching over 245 million people by 2115.

In 2123 when the demands of supporting the colonization programs increased, the United States and United Kingdom formally renounced their claims to their respective assets within the Alpha Centauri System and granted the colony full independence. The United Centauri Protectorates were reestablished as the United Centauri Republic.

During the evacuation of Earth and the Second Scinfaxi War, Alpha Centauri became the center of the titanic effort, receiving thousands of transports daily. As the Second Scinfaxi War progressed and time became critical, refugees from every nation were delivered to Alpha Centauri rather than making the longer trips to their respective colonies. Tens of millions of these refugees would spend nearly 3 years within the system, hosted by the Alpha Centauri government until they could be transported and provided for by their own nation’s fledgling colonies.

Throughout the 2160s and 2170s Alpha Centauri experienced tremendous economic growth and with the policies of successive nationalistic governments the new Centauri identity flourished. Many socially democratic programs were also instituted during this time including the Centauri Medical, Centauri Student Loans and the Centauri Pension Plan. By the end of the 22nd century the United Centauri Republic had begun colonization, mining, or research programs across every planet in the system. Though most of the population still resided on Terra, new colonies were established on Titawin and Saffar which soon grew to support sizable populations in their own right. As interstellar commerce boomed throughout the 2210s and 2220s, Alpha Centauri again experienced a huge increase in economic successes as thousands of transports took advantage of the system’s natural position at the center of human expansion. By 2240, the Centauri orbital trade network had become the largest and busiest port of its kind in the Orion Arm, servicing tens of thousands of ships per day.


Alpha Centauri is a constitutional republic with a parliamentary system of government. The Centauri Assembly is the bicameral national parliament composed of the President of the United Centauri Republic and the two Houses of Alpha Centauri: the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The President serves as head of state and is elected for a ten year term with reelection prohibited. The President is primarily a figurehead, but is entrusted with certain constitutional responsibilities with the advice of the Council of State.

The Prime Minister of Alpha Centauri serves as the head of government and is one of the most powerful institutions in government, initiating most legislation for parliamentary approval and selecting for appoint by the President, senators, federal court judges, and heads of government agencies. The leader of the party with the second most seats in the House of Representatives usually becomes the Loyal Opposition and is part of an advesarial parliamentary system intended to keep the government in check.


See: Alpha Centauri System

The Centauri Republic is a single system state located entirely within the Alpha Centauri star system. As a consequence of Alpha Centauri’s trinary makeup however, the system is comprised of an abnormally high number of habitable worlds and moons giving the Republic a large amount of territory. The three major centers of the Centauri Republic consist of Terra, Saffar, and Arion.

Foreign Relations

Alpha Centauri is recognized as a strong regional power and potential great power for its role in international affairs and tendency to pursue multilateral solutions. As a signatory of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Centauri Republic is not a formal member of any major power bloc and maintains official diplomatic status with nearly every nation and colony within the Orion Arm.

Alpha Centauri’s history with the United Kingdom and United States along with growing concern over the Soviet-German War has led Alpha Centarui to unofficially draw closer to the Democratic Federation. Historically Alpha Centauri’s largest trading partner, ties to the Federation are considered its most important bilateral relationship.

Many solar sector countries also turn to Alpha Centarui as a valued partner. The Centauri Republic, particularly Centauri banks played an important economic role in the development of Endi Martel, Tau Ceti and the Sirus Federation.


See: Centauri Mobile Command, Centauri Air Command, Centauri Maritime Command, Centauri Fleet Command

The Centauri Forces is the unified armed force of Alpha Centauri, established in 2123 as part of the Declaration of the United Centauri Republic. The unified institution consists of a land, sea, air and space elements referred to as Mobile Command, Maritime Command, Air Command and Fleet Command. The Centauri Forces have stressed three overarching objectives.

  • The defense of the Alpha Centauri System
  • The defense of the Solar Sector in cooperation with international forces.
  • Contributing to broader international security across the Orion Arm.

Currently the Centauri Forces are one of the best equipped armed forces outside of the superpowers and one of the few nations with a true interstellar naval capability.


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