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Year Date Event
20th Century
1936 March German army units are moved into the Rhineland violating the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Treaties.
1936 May Kingdom of Italy annexes Ethiopia. Italian East Africa formed.
1936 May First effects of the Scinfaxi Virus are felt on Earth. Areas of Scinfaxi growth are found in Australia, India, The Middle East, Africa, and South America. Reported across world as "African Flu"
1936 May "African Flu" discovered to have parasitoid properties. Areas of Scinfaxi growth are burned whenever found and those infected are cremated.
1936 June World Health Conference held in London where the effects and potential danger of the Scinfaxi Virus are presented to representatives from over 30 nations.
1936 June Major heat wave strikes North America. Scinfaxi Virus spreads across United States and Mexico.
1936 July Spanish Civil War begins after military uprising.
1936 August Planned Games of the XI Olympiad in Berlin are cancelled due to fear of spreading infection.
1936 August "Moscow Trials" begin in the Soviet Union.
1936 August Global state of Emergency declared by League of Nations and British Empire as Scinfaxi Virus spreads across Southern Hemisphere. Death toll reaches 100,000.
1936 October USS Enterprise is launched at Newport News Shipbuilding
1936 October "Great Purge" begins in the Soviet Union.
1936 October Rome-Berlin Axis formed.
1936 November Franklin D. Roosevelt is reelected to a second term as President of the United States.
1936 November Anti-Comintern Pact signed by Germany and the Empire of Japan.
1936 December King Edward VIII abdicates the throne of the British Empire.
1936 December Evacuation of Australia begins. Hundreds of thousands relocated to Canada.
1936 December United States announces construction of 700 cargo ships to assist in evacuations.
1937 March Scinfaxi Virus rampant across Africa and South America. United States imposes quarantine along Mexico border. Death roll reaches 8 million.
1937 April League of Nations Health Organization announces Scinfaxi Virus only deadly if inhaled or if exposed to open wound.
1937 May General strike occurs across France.
1937 May Golden Gate Bridge opens in San Francisco.
1937 May Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
1937 June Panic spreads across South America and Africa. Evacuations begin in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa and across the British, French, and Portuguese colonial holdings.
1937 July Population of Australia reduced to slightly under 4 million. 60% of the Australian interior covered in Scinfaxi growth.
1937 July Heat wave across Canada. Small patches of Scinfaxi Virus now found as far north as Edmonton.
1937 July Marco Polo Bridge Incident: Japanese forces invade China.
1937 August Beijing occupied by Japanese forces.
1937 September Great Hong Kong Typhoon kills over 20,000 people. The Scinfaxi Virus is found in the immediate aftermath and quickly spreads across China.
1937 November Italy join Anti-Comintern Pact.
1938 February Oberkommando der Wehrmacht founded.
1938 May Scinfaxi Virus spreads across South East Asia. Millions begin to flock north into Central Asia and China.
1938 October German army units move into the Sudetenland.
1938 November General strike called in France by French Communist Party.
1939 February Hungary joins Anti-Comintern Pact.
1939 March German troops occupy the remainder of Czechoslovakia.
1939 April Nationalist Spain declares Victory.
1939 July Major portions of India covered in Scinfaxi Virus. British colonial rule collapses as Royalist, Independence, Communist, and Muslim movements fight for control.
1939 July Great Britain announces it will grant refugee status to anyone who can reach its shores. A similar announcement is made by Canada.
1938 August Soviet armored forces deal a devastating defeat to the Japanese Imperial Army in Inner Mongolia.
1938 August Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed between the German Reich and Soviet Union.
1939 September German forces invade Poland.
1939 September Soviet forces occupy Polish eastern territories.
1939 September Neville Chamberlain resigns, Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
1939 December Scinfaxi growth patches in Canada and the United States significantly decline, extreme cold believed to be the cause.
1940 April Scinfaxi Virus reaches Europe. Spain, France, Southern Italy, and the Balkans report large patches of Scinfaxi growth.
1940 April Mass-burning campaign begins. Thousands of acres of Scinfaxi growth, real or suspected, are set afire across Europe and North America.
1940 May Instability in Romania and Bulgaria. Ion Antonescu assumes leadership of Romania.
1940 June Under the guise of providing assistance against the Scinfaxi Virus German forces move into Romania.
1940 June In a similar move, The Soviet Union annexes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
1940 July Population of Australia reduced to under 1 million. Hundreds of thousands continue to evacuate India, Africa, and South America. Mostly into Canada and other British holdings.
1940 July Death toll of Scinfaxi Virus in Europe reaches 100,000.
1940 August In radio address to British Empire, Winston Churchill declares "world facing unprecedented catastrophe."
1940 August Japanese forces in China kill over 200,000 "infected".
1940 November Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to a third term.
1940 December Scinfaxi Growth covers over 20% of Africa. Colonial holdings in a state of chaos, basic governmental functions suspended.
1941 January United States announces "worldwide effort" to assist in evacuations.
1941 February Population of Canada has increased by over 5 million since 1936. Refugees suffer from terrible living conditions, lack of food.
1941 March German and Italian troops complete occupation of Balkan states. Move into Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria.
1941 May Fields of the Scinfaxi Virus now common across North America, Europe, and China. Food production a serious concern.
1941 June Australia almost completely overrun by Virus, air heavy with "viral spores." Similar situations in South East Asia, Africa, and South America.
1941 July Evacuation of Australia suspended. Continent placed under quarantine.
1941 August 20,000 refugees killed along Mexico border after riots at border posts.
1941 September Hundreds of thousands of Chinese refugees flood into Soviet Union.
1941 October United Kingdom and United States issue Joint Declaration, offering safety and residence to any uninfected refugees.
1942 March Scinfaxi Virus spreads throughout Germany and Eastern Europe. German Reich and Soviet Union declare state of emergency.
1942 April Contact with Australia lost.
1942 May Japanese forces begin withdrawal from mainland China, retreat into Manchuria.
1942 June Adolf Hitler announces Germany will undertake "total effort" to eradicate Scinfaxi Virus from Europe.
1942 July After meeting with Mao Zedong, Stalin agrees to the formation of the Chinese Soviet Republic. Soviet citizenship will be granted to any refugees who escape from China.
1942 August All order in South America collapses. Scinfaxi Virus producing viral spores across continent, hundreds of thousands infected.
1942 August Africa quarantined, German and Italian ships fire upon transports bound for European ports.
1942 August Scinfaxi Virus continues to spread across Spain and France. French begin evacuating children to Canada, primarily Quebec.
1942 December Population of Chinese Soviet Republic reaches 300,000. Far greater than anticipated by the Soviet leadership. Borders to China closed.
1943 January Mongolian Prime Minister Khorloogiin Choibalsan is killed. Mongolian government collapses, Soviet Red Army occupies the country.
1943 February Despite border closure, hundreds of thousands of Chinese refugees continue to stream into Soviet Union. Hundreds killed by border guards.
1943 March Spanish Government collapses, hundreds of thousands flee into France. French border guards abandon their posts.
1943 May Thousands of burning lights seen in night sky. Blazing trails of fire land across Australia, South America, Asia and Africa.
1943 May "Meteors" continue to land across Southern Hemisphere, minor landings in Southern Europe, Poland, Spain, France and the Midwest of the United States.
1943 May All contact is lost with areas affected by the landings. Initial assumption is a catastrophic meteor impact.
1943 May Footage of massive machines rising out of an impact crater in Croatia made public by German Reich.
1943 May Adolf Hitler announces "imminent threat" in broadcast across Germany.
1943 June Military forces meet unknown enemy in Europe, Asia, and North America. All engagements end with catastrophic losses.
1943 June Congress grants Franklin D. Roosevelt's request for declaration of war upon "inhuman enemy of civilization". Germany, Britain, and Japan follow suit.
1943 June Nationalist, Communist, and Japanese forces in China agree to ceasefire to meet alien threat.
1943 June Alien forces in Europe, and later across the world named "Scinfaxi". The circumstances and reasoning behind the name remain unknown.
1943 July First major battles between mankind and Scinfaxi occur in New Mexico, the Balkans and China.
1943 September Scinfaxi advance continues, forward elements as far North as Nebraska, Budapest and Shanghai.
1943 September Civil order completely evaporates in Spain. Mass wave of refugees flee into Northern France.
1943 October Panic spreads across Europe. Tens of millions flee for safety in Britain and Canada.
1943 November French Armed forces descend into chaos. Begin fleeing with civilian population.
1943 November In Europe, Scinfaxi reach Toulouse, Naples and Prague. German forces move into Italy and France unopposed.
1944 January United Kingdom announces union with Canada. Thousands of Royal Navy vessels now evacuating civilians to North America day and night.
1944 February Nearly 10 million Chinese citizens escape into the Soviet Union despite massive Soviet border guard. Mao Zedong pleads with Stalin to allow more evacuees to enter freely.
1944 March Death toll in Asia "catastrophic", Scinfaxi advance leaving nothing alive in it's wake. Japanese begins evacuation of all forces into Manchuria.
1944 May All radio contact with Africa and South America lost.
1944 May Admirals Ernest King and William Halsey Jr. lead over 200 warships in defense of Los Angeles. Shelling Scinfaxi forces and buying time for civilians to escape.
1944 June Europe in complete chaos as "tendrils" of Scinfaxi forces reach as far north as Leipzig. Evacuation of Berlin announced.
1944 June Free French Government in exile declared in Quebec.
1944 July Scinfaxi reach Berlin. Majority of Nazi leadership, including Adolf Hitler, are killed while attempting to flee.
1944 August New German government formed around Ludwig Beck and Henning von Tresckow assumes control of the Reich.
1944 October Scinfaxi sweep through the Ukraine and Poland. Already facing the Scinfaxi in the Far East, the Red Army is unable to provide an organized defense.
1944 October Scinfaxi reach Chicago. United States effectively cut in two.
1944 October Emergency Pacific States government led by General Douglas MacArthur formed in Seattle.
1944 December Fierce winter storms in Europe halts Scinfaxi advance. Scinfaxi machinery seen to be unable to operate in heavy cold.
1945 February United States Department of War estimates worldwide collapse of humanity within 20 months.
1945 March 300,000 specialists from the United States, Canada and Great Britain secretly transported to Iceland to preserve Western heritage, history, and way of life.
1945 April Franklin D. Roosevelt dies, Vice President Harry S. Truman becomes the 33rd President.
1945 May Fierce fighting in Chicago, George S. Patton leads counterattack into city.
1945 May Scinfaxi reach Normandy. Mass panic as refugees arrive in Britain.
1945 May Royal Family evacuates to Canada.
1945 June 1.2 Million Red Army troops killed defending Voronezh.
1945 July In speech to Great Britain and the world, Winston Churchill declares "the light of human civilization shall never be extinguished while swords lay in the hands of man"
1945 August In secret meetings between representatives of the United States, Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union, plans for "doomsday" settlements in the Arctic discussed.
1945 October Atomic Bomb code-named "Trinity" detonated in Chicago.
1945 October Scinfaxi advance worldwide halts.
1945 October "Phoney War" begins, Scinfaxi remain stagnant, no major offensive operations from either side.
1945 November Two atomic bombs detonated in Tennessee. United States shares technical specifications with Great Britain, German Reich.
1945 December All Scinfaxi forces in North America begin to retreat. Following in their wake American armed forces note that Virus patches have begun to die.
1946 February German army detonates atomic bomb in Reims, France.
1946 Febuary Soviet atomic bomb detonated in Olsztyn, Poland.
1946 March Scinfaxi in Europe and Asia halt advance.
1946 May United States and Canadian armed forces begin advance across North America.
1946 June Direct contact reestablished with MacArthur's Pacific States government.
1946 June Coordinated Soviet and German offenses launched in Europe and Asia.
1946 June Japanese forces attempt to break out of Manchuria, pushed back by Scinfaxi.
1946 August Continental Europe nearly cleared of Scinfaxi Forces. Pockets of viral growth being wiped out by specialized German and Soviet units.
1946 August North American army units hound Scinfaxi retreat as alien forces withdrawal into Kansas and Missouri.
1946 October Last remaining Scinfaxi forces in Europe retreat to North Africa after pitched battle in southern Spain.
1946 November American and Canadian forces reach former Mexican border.
1947 January
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