The Territories

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The Territories is the colloquial name given to the M1-NGC 2089 Anomaly, a region of space notable for its strange phenomena and intricate filamentary structure reminiscent of a nebula or supernova remnant. Roughly 9.1 light years across and situated on the coreward edge of The Ginnungagap the Territories contains three star systems with over 70 planets and moons. The exact number of astronomical objects has not yet been determined due to the unusual and as of yet unidentified anomalies present within the region.

The predominant irregularity within the Territories is the complete inability of any ship within the region to communicate with those outside, although communication within the Territories themselves is unaffected. Faster than light drives are also seemingly impaired, requiring much more frequent and comparatively shorter jumps across space. Scientific instruments, even those specifically designed to function within celestial phenomena are unreliable at best within the Territories making surveys of the region difficult and potentially dangerous.

Human exploration of the region has been extremely minimal and only in the last decade have serious missions of exploration been attempted. Scientific groups from some of the major powers as well as those from private research groups or other such third parties have attempted to maintain permanent outposts within the Territories although the success of such endeavors has been mixed at best.

Star Systems

The Territories are home to three star systems, each white dwarfs, but believed to be far younger than every other white dwarf on record. Why these stars seemed to prematurely burn most of their fuel is unknown and potentially linked to the other phenomena in the region.




Soviet Navy vessels conduct an investigation of one of the many planets in the Cloho System

In Popular Culture

The strange nature of the Territories and the high number of ships, both automated and manned, lost within the region has given rise to several conspiracy theories. These disappearances have been attributed to the paranormal, extraterrestrial beings, or secret government programs.

Film and television

  • In the German film "Edge of Forever", the crew of the Nachtkrapp is sent back in time to 1947 after passing through an inter-dimensional rift within the Territories.
  • The episode "It's Longer Than You Think" of the 2241 "Twilight Zone" reboot features the Territories as a major plot point, causing the crew of an American research ship to slowly go insane.
  • The Soviet film "Lighthouse" tragedy befalls the first human colony established on a fiction planet located within the Lachesis Star System.
  • The American film "Event Horizon VI" depicts the Territories as a hellish dimension existing in parallel with our own and home to malevolent beings.
  • Sarah Thompson, science officer aboard the HMS Discovery is briefly transformed into a colossal space god during "The Golden Rose", an episode of "Odyssey 9".