Planetary Nation States

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Short and Formal Names System Notes
AlexandriaFlag.png Alexandria Colony - Alexandria Colonial Administration Emporia System
Argentina.png Argentina - Argentine Federal Republic Buenos Aires System
AuroraFlag.jpg Aurora Colony - Aurora Colonial Union Aurora System
BrunswickFlag.png Brunswick Colony - Brunswick Colonial Administration Emporia System
CarinthiaFlag.png Carinthia - Carinthia State Tanarsus System
JeffersonFlag.png Jefferson Confederacy - Confederate Republic of Jefferson Joseph System
ConfederateFlag.png American Confederacy - Confederate Republic of America Joseph System
ManchukuoFlag.png Manchukuo - Empire of Manchukuo Manchuria System
VietnamFlag.png Vietnam - Imperial State of Vietnam Hanoi System
Novorossiya.png Novorossiya - Federation of Novorossiya Tanarsus System
NovyiChernozemyeFlag.png Novyi Chernozemye - Republic of Novyi Chernozemye Juno System
GedizFlag.png Gediz - Republic of Gediz New Canaan System
HeinleinFlag.png Heinlein Colony - Heinlein Colonial Union Heinlein System
HesperusFlag.png Hesperus Colony - Hesperus Colonial Union Hesperus System
IrishFlag.png Ireland - Irish State Caer Sidi System
AvalonFlag.png Avalon - Republic of Avalon Caer Sidi System
LalondeFlag.png Lalonde - Republic of Lalonde Caer Sidi System
TyrrellFlag.png Tyrrell - Tyrrell Union Caer Sidi System
StockwellFlag.png Stockwell - Federation of Stockwell Caer Sidi System
OpaliaFlag.png Opalia - Kingdom of Opalia Tanarsus System
NusantaraFlag.png Nusantara - Republic of Nusantara Nusantara System
PinnacleFlag.png Pinnacle Colony - Pinnacle Colonial State Pinnacle System
RepublicofChinaFlagNew.png Republican China - Republic of China Nanking System
ColumbiaFlag.png Lutece - Lutece Colonial Union Columbia System
Orthodox Union.png Greater Orthodox Union - Greater Orthodox Union Providence System
GalleriaFlag.png Galleria - Republic of Galleria Tanarsus System
IndochinaFlag.png Indochina - Federation of Indochina Chao Phraya
Mengjiang.png Mengjiang - Mengjiang Autonomous Republic Chao Phraya
RichmondFlag.png Richmond - Republic of Richmond Joseph System
SandurFlag.png Sandur - Sandur Republic Kuiper System
SiriusFlag.png Sirius Federation - Sirius Federation Sirius System
NovyiTatariyaFlag.png Novyi Tatariya - People's Republic of Novyi Tatariya Sirius System
AzadHindFlag.png Azad Hind - Azad Hind Sirius System
TaymylyrFlag.png Taymylyr -People's Republic of Taymylyr Valencia System
TrauschFlag.png Trausch -State of Trausch Juno System
TrinidadFlag.png Trinidad Colony - Trinidad Colonial Authority Trinidad System
TrevanoFlag.png Trevano - United States of Trevano Trevano System
TyrolFlag.png Tyrol - Tyrol Republic Trevano System
TiberisFlag.png Tiberis - Tiberis Confederation Trevano System
TyrusFlag.png Tyrus - Tyrus Caliphate New Canaan System
UnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces - United Provinces of Tau Ceti Tau Ceti System
JunoFlag.png United States of Juno - United States of Juno Juno System
VesuviusFlag.png Vesuvius Colony - Vesuvius Colonial Authority Vesuvius System
100px Wright Colony - Wright Colonial Authority Wright System
CataloniaFlag.png Catalonia -Republic of Catalonia Valencia System
VistulaFlag.png Vistula -Vistula Commonwealth Vistula System
TatrasFlag.png Tatras -Tatras Republic Vistula System
VegaUnion.png Vega Union - Vega Union State Vega System
VestaFlag.jpg Vesa -Republic of Vesta Vesta System
VolhyniaFlag.png Volhynia - Volhynia Republic Tanarsus System