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Political Blocs

Throughout the Orion Arm there are dozens, even hundreds of political groups fighting both diplomatically and militarily in the name of various political movements. The majority of these groups act as puppets to the superpowers, but there are a fair number of independent movements and rebel groups.

Criminal enterprise and piracy run rampant throughout the Orion Region, unhindered by overstretched and undermanned law agencies the number of attacks on commercial shipping rises every year.

Some groups operate outside the general knowledge of the public. Intelligence agencies, both government run and independent take part in a secret campaign of disinformation, misdirection and long term strategy to gain an advantage over their rivals.

The wealth of hundreds of worlds has given rise to vast corporations and conglomerates, some employing more than the total populations of small countries. Together they maintain the military-industrial complexes of the superpowers and keep the gears of industry turning.

Standing against the rising tide of piracy and corruption are the various National and Independent Police Forces, Border Services and Regulatory Enforcement Agencies. Some have access to hundreds of ships stations across dozens of subsectors, while others are made up simply of Frontier Marshals and antiquated equipment.

A history of conflict has provided a wealth of opportunities for those looking to serve as security contractors, private military advisors, or simply mercenaries. Small scale conflicts occur every year and the PMCs have often fought on both sides.