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The Superpowers

Since the exodus from Earth, the vast majority of humanity has been divided between four great superpowers. These nations have expanded across dozens of systems and hundreds of worlds and now posses nearly limitless economic and military power. Even combined, the remaining states of the Orion Arm cannot hope to match the potential of any of the superpowers and the only threat to their continued hegemony is limited to each other.
DF.png GGRIcon.png JapanIcon.png SovietIcon.png
Democratic Federation Greater German Reich Empire of Japan Soviet Union

Regional Powers

While the superpowers dominate the politics of the entirety of the Orion Arm, several smaller nations wield unrivalled power and influence within specific regions.

Tawhiddiamond.png SpainDiamond.png VegaDiamond.png
Islamic Arab Republic Spanish State Vega Confederation
ItalianDiamond.png CentuariDiamond.png FNCDiamond.png
Italian Social Republic United Centauri Republic Federal Nordic Cooperative

Middle Powers

While lacking the overall capabilities of the Regional Powers, several states across the Orion Arm excel in specific areas, acting as purely economic, technological or military powers.

NewCanaanDiamond.png TauCetiDiamond.png GenevaDiamond.png
New Canaan Republic Commonwealth of Tau Ceti Geneva Confederation
KoreaDiamond.png MartellDiamond.png PanAmericaDiamond.png
Greater Korean Protectorate Federative Republic of Endi Martell Pan American Republic

Planetary Nation States

The majority of human nations are little more than quiet backwaters, loose colonial authorities or corrupt and inefficient regimes. The exodus from Earth has scattered nearly half the human population into a collection of small and insignificant splinter states. Many act as puppet governments on behalf of the Superpowers or even Regional Powers, with proxy wars commonplace.

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Former Nations

Since the exodus of Earth several nations have been destroyed due to natural disasters, political instability or foreign invasion. Their remnants have often formed militia forces or piracy groups.

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