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Welcome to THE AUTONOMICON MKII, a wiki guide for Dawn of Victory.
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The AUTONOMICON MKII is a collaborative project to create a detailed universe for the Dawn of Victory science fiction setting. If you are interested in taking part in this project, please go to the aptly named How to Become a Contributor page.

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Federative Republic of Endi Martell

Flag of Endi Martell

The Federative Republic of Endi Martell is a single-system federal parliamentary republic located in the Endi Martell System. It consists of 16 constituent states, which are divided among 2 inhabited planets, 13 moons, and 7 civilian stations throughout the Endi Martell system. The majority of the nation’s population lives on the planet of Karakum, the system’s largest terrestrial planet and the home of both the nation’s capital, Sankwala, and largest city, Abakalini.

With a population of just under 0.9 billion, Endi Martell is the eleventh-most populous nation in the Orion Arm, and is the fourth most populous nation that is not aligned with one of the four superpowers, behind only the Islamic Arab Republic, the United Centauri Republic, and the Commonwealth of Tau Ceti. Endi Martell plays a prominent role in cultural, military and diplomatic affairs across the Orion Arm and is considered a major middle power. It maintains a well-funded military, has a high standard of living, and despite recent setbacks continues to be a rapidly developing economy.

Settled largely by immigrants from West Africa, Central Africa, and the Caribbean, Endi Martell is the home of one of the most diverse societies within the Orion Arm. No single ethnic or cultural group makes up more than 20% of the total population of the republic, creating a uniquely multicultural and syncretic society. Endi Martell has become the center of dozens of cultural legacies from sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.


The Endi Martell system was first discovered by Japanese astronomers in 1994, and quickly confirmed by independent astronomers from the United Kingdom later the same year. In the 2070s, an automated Soviet probe arrived in the system, noting that the planet of Endi Martell-III, later dubbed Karakum, was a possible candidate for terraformation and colonization. However, the system was well outside the growing network of Soviet extrasolar colonies. In 2081, the rights to colonize the system were sold to the United States, with Soviet and American officials agreeing that the system was too far outside of either nation’s colonial network to be a part of their core nation.

In 2082, the Sanctuary Worlds Program opened petitions for the various groups represented by Nations-within-Nations to colonize the system. A joint petition filed by the Republic of Niger, the Commonwealth of Caribbean Africans, and the Central African Republic was awarded the right to colonize Endi Martell after a prolonged publicity battle with the Republic of Ireland. Terraformation of Karakum was completed in 2095, and on July 7th, 2096, the first eight colony ships arrived on the planet. Between 2096 and 2099, Endi Martell received over 500,000 colonists a year, coming from across the Democratic Federation. The large number of colonists made Endi Martell a lucrative market for finished goods, leading to the United Centauri Republic and the Confederation of Vesta doing large-scale business in the system.

In 2103, when the population of Endi Martell passed 5 million, a constitutional convention was held in the city of Scarborough, a relatively small but wealthy city on Karakum that had been acting as capital of the nation since 2096. The resulting document, the Constitutional Declaration of Endi Martell, established the Federative Republic. Scarborough was replaced as capital by the largest city on the planet, Abakalini, with the intention of establishing a new capital built to be a national capital once construction was completed.

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