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The AUTONOMICON MKII is a collaborative project to create a detailed universe for the Dawn of Victory science fiction setting. If you are interested in taking part in this project, please go to the aptly named How to Become a Contributor page.

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Amadi Station, headquarters of Greywatch on the surface of Karu in the Outreach System

Greywatch (officially Greywatch Services Group) is a private military company that was founded by remnants of the Vestan Navy in the aftermath of the Odysseus Impact. Despite a series of early controversies as to the group’s legitimacy and legal status, Greywatch achieved early success after being awarded numerous government contracts by the Commonwealth of Tau Ceti. Its operations expanded across the Solar Sector in subsequent decades and by 2254 was one of the largest private military companies in the Orion Arm. In 2258, the company became a subsidiary of Templin-Keppe and began manufacturing its own line of patrol craft and transports.


In the immediate aftermath of the Odysseus Impact and the destruction of the Confederation of Vesta, much of the Vestan Navy was split between numerous groups attempting to fill the resulting power vacuum. While many of the Navy’s largest ships were eventually brought under the control of the Republic of Vesta, the Confederation’s successor state, at least three dozen disappeared and were believed to have fallen under the control of 12-23 or other militant groups. The CVS Polaris, a British built Pioneer Class escort carrier, under the command of Captain Amadi Temitope was among them.

In 2197, Captain Temitope resurfaced with the founding of Greywatch Services Group, intending to provide security for civilian transports and freighters operating in the Vesta System. When it was discovered that Greywatch was operating from a modified Pioneer Class escort carrier, most likely the Polaris, the Republic of Vesta issued an arrest warrant for Amadi Temitope and demanded he relinquish control of the Polaris and any other government equipment in his possession. Despite this, the limited recognition of the Republic of Vesta as the continuing legal personality and successor state to the Confederation of Vesta prevented any immediate action by INTERPOL or other police organizations.

Greywatch received its first government contract with the Commonwealth of Tau Ceti in 2203 after the bombing of a state-owned mining operation on Tyche. Various other private clients, including communications, petrochemical and mining companies operating in Vesta would hire Greywatch over the following decade.

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