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Greater German Reich


Space Forces


90.4 Million

Notable Garrisons
  • Germania

We Serve Germany

  • 1935 Founding

The Kriegsmarine is the space warfare component of the German Wehrmacht. Its primary mission is the protection of German star systems and interstellar infrastructure as well as projecting force across the Orion Arm. The Kriegsmarine is one of the largest and most capable space forces in the Orion Arm, with the third largest combined battle fleet tonnage.

Like most other modern spaces forces, the modern Kriegsmarine is considered a direct continuation of the German Navy on Earth and has inherited that services name, traditions, uniforms, terminology and culture. Founded in 1935, the Kriegsmarine itself superseded the Imperial German Navy of the Great War and the Riechsmarine of the Weimar Republic. Greatly expanding in size throughout the 1930s, the Kriegsmarine were deployed to the waters around Spain, secretly supporting Nationalist forces. During the Virus Crisis the Kriegsmarine was deployed to the North Sea and Mediterranean, preventing African refugees from landing in Europe and supporting the Wehrmacht’s annexation of several territories.

During the First Scinfaxi War, the Kriegsmarine provided artillery support to retreating German forces and in ferrying civilian refugees. The Kriegsmarine achieved some notable successes during the war, with naval artillery proving one of the few weapons capable of inflicting substantial damage on Scinfaxi walkers, albeit with costly losses.

The Kriegsmarine expanded again in the aftermath of the war, becoming one of the most effective methods of transporting supplies and resources across war torn Europe. In the 1960s the Kriegsmarine was heavily involved in the blockading of the French Atlantic coast against the American and Royal Navies.

Support for the navy waned throughout the 21st century as more resources were dedicated to the growing colonization effort. Major warship construction finally ceased in 2074 as the necessity of a maritime navy greatly decreased. The Kriegsmarine played a limited role in the Second Scinfaxi War, it’s ageing ships bombarding the Scinfaxi advances across the whole of the Mediterranean. With the final evacuation of Earth the Kriegsmarine ceased to exist, it’s remaining members discharged from service or integrated into the Army or Air Force to provide security for the early German colonies.

With the completion of the first major shipyards in Germania, the Kriegsmarine once more sprung into being, this time in an entirely interstellar based force. The first warships operated by the Kriegsmarine were simply repurposed colony ships and transports, but as the industrial capacity of the German systems grew and the threat of piracy became apparent, a series of dedicated warships were developed and deployed.

Throughout the last decades of the 22nd and first decades of the 23rd century, the Kriegsmarine rapidly expanded its proficiency. It’s major operations were mostly anti-piracy in nature but included several interventions into smaller regional conflicts and occasional border skirmishes with the Soviet Union.

Since the war against the Soviet Union in 2285, the Kriegsmarine has been engaged in active combat against the Red Fleet across the star systems of Tanarsus, Vallencia, Vistula, and Vega.

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