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The Khorasmian’Sha, also known as the Rizmian’Sha and more commonly as the Khorasmians are an alien species first encountered in 2263. They are one of only two races outside of humanity capable of interstellar travel, (the other being the Scinfaxi), although they seem to have generally lost this capability and have reverted to varying stages of development.

The Khorasmians were first discovered inhabiting four star systems by Soviet pioneers past the antispinward edge of the Lobachevsky Wall. The extreme distance and the hazardous nature of navigating past the Wall have made expeditions to these star systems very rare, severely limited the ability of scientists to study the species. Every attempt so far to establish communications has ended in brief and hostile exchanges and Soviet authorities have declared an exclusionary zone around the entire region.

Since the 2270s, rumors have persisted of a secret military operation conducted by Soviet Special Forces against the Khorasmians, to date no confirmed details exist and the operation has largely been dismissed as a conspiracy theory.


The Khorasmians were at one point a technologically advanced species capable of faster than light travel with an interstellar society at least on par with the modern age of humanity. While the exact specifics can only be speculated, at some point they suffered some calamity and have since lost much of their technology. Today most academic and scholarly sources agree that the Khorasmian’Sha are in the final stages of a societal collapse and are at risk of becoming extinct within the next few centuries.

At least a dozen separate Khorasmian communities have been discovered across seven planets in four-star systems and it is speculated more may exist either within these same star systems or others. These communities exist at widely varying levels of development with the most advanced societies roughly congruous with human society in the Middle Ages. In these instances, a complex caste system seems to exist with most settlements governed by a type of sovereign. In the least developed Khorasmian communities, members of the species exhibit only the most basic elements of tool making and control over fire with technology roughly equivalent of Earth’s paleolithic era.

While the Khorasmian civilization is split across various disparate communities, the remnants of their technology lay scattered across their worlds and often form the focus of their current societies. The lack of anything recognizable as developed infrastructure has led credence to the idea that the Khorasmian are not native to these planets and instead arrived at some indeterminate point in the past. If this assumption is accurate then the scattered remains of their technology are most likely their version of starships having either landed or crashed across the surface of their various worlds. The members of at least six separate Khorasmian “kingdoms” have been separately observed gathering around decayed machinery reshaped into strange serpentine figures in what is possibly an act of reverence or worship. At least one human researcher was reportedly sacrificed to such an idol although the Soviet government has never provided confirmation that such an act occurred.

Above all, Khorasmians are extremely xenophobic, relentlessly attacking any attempt to make contact. They are also tremendously fearful of modern technology, particularly spacecraft. Flyovers of Soviet transports all but disintegrated a small kingdom of Khorasmians as the populace scattered into the surrounding wilderness almost immediately as the Soviet craft entering observable range. As such, any further flights over Khorasmian communities are prohibited.