How to Become a Contributor

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In order to preserve a level of quality and consistent tone throughout the wiki, only those who go through our application process will be able to edit the wiki. At the moment we're looking for two types of contributors. Editors and Contributors.

  • Editors: Help fix minor errors across the wiki including spelling mistakes, inconsistent details and other minor problems.
  • Contributors: Create new and original pages for the wiki and help expand the Dawn of Victory universe.

If you'd like to apply for either position on this wiki, please send an email to If you are applying to be a Contributor, please include a sample wiki article related to something in the DoV Universe. This sample article doesn't need to be overly long or detailed, but is simply a way for us to assess your writing style and make sure you can conform to a wiki style of writing. It is highly recommended you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the wiki before applying.

Thanks Comrades!