Democratic Federation

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Federation of the United Nations

Animus in Consulendo Liber

Political information
Type of Government
  • Politico-Economic Federation
  • Military Alliance
Founding Document

Declaration of the United Nations


Constitution of the United Nations

Head of State

Sir Micheal Lowell

Head of Government

Danièle Vasseur

Executive Branch

President of the Federation Council

Legislative Branch

Parliament of the United Nations

Societal information
Official Language
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • American Dollar
  • British Pound
  • French Franc
  • Pacific Dollar


Historical information
Date of establishment



The Democratic Federation (officially known as the Federation of the United Nations, but also commonly referred to as the Allied Federation or Grand Entente) is a politico-economic union of 20 member states. The Democratic Federation operates through a system of supranational institutions and intergovernmental-negotiated decisions. Its members share a system of collective defense, whereby its members agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by an external party.

The Democratic Federation traces its origins from the Atlantic Charter, a statement issued by the United States of America, United Kingdom, and the Dominion of Canada during the height of the Virus Crisis in 1941. This was later expanded to include the French Republic, Pacific States of America and many other smaller governments in exile as part of the “Declaration of the United Nations” from which the organization derives its official name.

While initially created as an integrated military structure to contend with the Virus Crisis and Scinfaxi War, political associations were developed throughout the 1950s to help support the newly founded French Fourth Republic in the wake of the German withdrawal from mainland France. Since then the Federation has grown in size with the accession of new member states and by the addition of policy areas to its responsibility.

During the Colonization Era, the Democratic Federation was responsible for the creation of numerous independent colonies through its Sanctuary Worlds Program including those on Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, and was directly involved in the establishment of the Islamic Arab Republic.

The Federation shares a single market through a standardized system of laws and is in the process of developing a monetary union with a standard currency. It maintains permanent diplomatic missions throughout the Orion Arm that operate alongside those of its member nations.

With the Orion Arm’s largest combined economy and population, high standards of living throughout all its members and technologically advanced and capable military, the Democratic Federation is considered one of the superpowers of the Orion Arm.




Date Country Expansion Notes
April 4 1977 Usaflag.jpg United States of America Founders
UnitedKingdomFlag.png United Kingdom Founders
FranceFlag.png French Republic Founders
Oceaniaflag.jpg Confederation of Australasia Founders
PacificStates.jpeg Pacific States of America Founders
February 18th 1985 Quebec flag.png Republic of Quebec First Terrestrial
Antillean.png Greater Antillean Confederation First Terrestrial
July 24th, 2034 Aztlan.jpg Aztlán Second Terrestrial
August 4th 2176 AfricanUnionFlag.png African Union First Extra-Solar
Cascadia.png Cascadia Planetary Republic First Extra-Solar
Whitefall.png Whitefall Free State First Extra-Solar
SiouxNation.png Laktoa Republic First Extra-Solar
CherokeeNation.png Cherokee Nation First Extra-Solar
Navajo.png Navajo Nation First Extra-Solar
Ojibwe.png Ojibwe Republic First Extra-Solar
December 1st 2249 PortDaven.png Port Daven Colonial Administration Second Extra-Solar
Salvicon.png Salvacion Colonial Republic Second Extra-Solar
Telneth.png Telneth Planetary Republic Second Extra-Solar
HawaikiFlag.png Republic of Hawaiki
TorcaFlag.png Republic of Torca


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