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Year Belligerents Belligerents Conflict
  • EthiopianFlag.png Ethiopian Empire
Italian Invasion of Ethiopia

The second attempted conquest of Ethiopia by the Kingdom of Italy. The Italian invasion showed the political weakness of the early League of Nations, as both Italy and Ethiopia were members of the League and yet Italy was able to invade the country in violation of League of Nations Article X. The invasion also served as a vector for the Scinfaxi Virus to enter Europe via returning Italian soldiers, and led to Italy's direct involvement in the evacuation of Africa.

1936-1943 Spanish Civil War

The Second Spanish Republic was thrown into civil war after the fascist-aligned Spanish Nationalists launched a coup. While moderate and left-wing factions generally came to the support of the Republic, the Spanish Republicans were divided along deep factional lines, and often fought against one another. German and Italian intervention on behalf of the Nationalists proved instrumental to Nationalist victory in 1939, and established one of the major powers in the fascist bloc: the Spanish State.

1937-1943 Second Sino-Japanese War

After several years of de facto warfare between Imperial Japan and the Republic of China, the Imperial Japanese Army launched an invasion of China from occupied Manchuria. The invasion ended the ongoing conflict between the Kuomintang government of China and the Chinese Communist Party, and caused massive civilian casualties on the Chinese side. The war unofficially ended when the Japanese and Chinese united against the Scinfaxi.

1939 Invasion of Poland

Following the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Greater German Reich and the Soviet Union jointly invaded the Second Polish Republic. This was met with protest from the United Kingdom and French Republic, but did not lead to a Europe-wide war.

1940-1943 Occupation of the Balkans

During the Virus Crisis, civil order in the Balkans evaporated. German and Italian forces occupied the region in the name of the League of Nations, but later violated the sovereignty of the Balkan states by annexing territory directly. This annexation led to the rise of an anti-Axis partisan movement, which only ended with the Scinfaxi invasion.

1943-1947 First Scinfaxi War

The first war between humanity and the alien Scinfaxi, and the deadliest armed conflict in human history until the Second Scinfaxi War. The technologically advanced Scinfaxi attacked the Earth during the height of the Virus Crisis, allowing for much of the Southern Hemisphere to fall into Scinfaxi hands with little resistance. Fought around the world, the war ended with the Scinfaxi contained largely to the Southern Hemisphere, saw the rise of the modern superpowers, and fundamentally shifted the focus of the human race on interstellar expansion.

1947-1982 Scinfaxi Border Conflicts

Although major hostilities between humanity and the Scinfaxi ended in 1947, border incidents continued between the two throughout the 20th century. It would take decades before border incidents would die out completely.

1952-1959 Cuban Civil War

A civil war between the corrupt, American-backed dictatorship in Havana and communist revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro. This conflict would be the first proxy war between the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union, and ended in victory for the pro-American government.

1964 French Blockade Crisis

A nineteen-day confrontation over the deployment of American forces to the French mainland. Resolved after numerous skirmishes with concessions on both sides, and established the modern French Republic.

1970 Soviet-Japanese Border Incident

The end of the First Scinfaxi War established a de facto border between the Soviet Union and Imperial Japan, but this border was disputed by both sides. Fighting between Chinese communist guerrillas and Japanese border troops along the Yalu River escalated to large firefights between Soviet Army and Imperial Japanese Army units, but a ceasefire was negotiated before hostilities could escalate further.

1984 Soviet-German Border Incident

Heightened tensions due to Polish uprisings along the Soviet-German border resulted in several violent incidents between Soviet Army and Wehrmacht units. War was averted via negotiations mediated by the Democratic Federation

  • Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.png Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
Insurgency in the North Caucasus
  • ChineseRebelsFlag.png Chinese People's National Salvation Army
Insurgency in the Northern China
1999 Polish Uprising

After a series of sporadic protests threatening to break the Soviet Union apart, German-backed Polish secessionists began a series of uprisings in the Byelorussian SSR. Soviet forces successfully captured the leaders of the rebel movement and secured Soviet authority in the region.

2150-2153 Second Scinfaxi War

Over a century after their first invasion of Earth, the Scinfaxi resume their conquest. With Earth on the brink of ecological collapse and human forces unable to halt the Scinfaxi advance, the difficult decision is made to evacuate the planet. Thousands of ships flee Earth every hour, ships and crew pushed to the limit to save every soul possible, while the nations of Earth fight desperate delaying actions to buy more time. After three years of fighting, the cradle of mankind falls entirely to the Scinfaxi, and the planet is burned from orbit during Operation Scipio.


Year Belligerents Belligerents Conflict
2174-2175 Seige of Mt. Bowers
2229 First Caer Sidi War
2236 Joseph World War
2239 First Sirius War
2243-2245 Second Caer Sidi War


Year Belligerents Belligerents Conflict
2246-2249 Tanarsus World War
2251-2252 Juno System War
2253 2253 Intervention in Buenos Aires
2257-2260 Wright Intervention
2257-Present United Provinces War of Independence
2260-2261 Vega-Centauri War
2262-2267 Vega Civil War
2263 Japanese Bombing of Joseph
2264 First Vesta War

For over a century, the Vesta system had been a looming point of contention between the Commonwealth of Tau Ceti and the Federative Republic of Endi Martell. In 2264, tensions finally boiled over and fleets from each nation openly pursued each other across the system. In a war lasting only 20 days, each side lost thousands of lives and dozens of ships - their derelict hulls left to be absorbed into the Vesta Belt for which they had fought to claim.

2265 New Canaan War
2275-2279 Third Caer Sidi War
2281 Shikotan Reach Incident
2285-Present Soviet-German War
2287-Present Second Vesta War